Crystal Payroll for Franchises

Simplify your franchise payroll with Crystal Payroll. Our software is designed for franchisors and franchisees. Experience total clarity in payroll management for your franchise.

At Crystal Payroll, we know the unique challenges faced by franchise and franchisee owners.

Managing payroll across multiple locations, varying employee roles, and juggling New Zealand’s complex compliance needs can be overwhelming.

That’s where we step in – offering a crystal-clear, straightforward solution for all your franchise payroll needs.

Streamlined Payroll for Multiple Locations

Crystal Payroll makes managing multiple locations simple. Whether you're a single franchisee or overseeing a network, our system effortlessly integrates all your payroll needs into one seamless platform.

Tailored to Franchise Needs

We understand that each franchise is unique. Our software is adaptable, ensuring that whether you're a family business, a retail/hospitality chain, or a service provider, you’ll get payroll solutions that fit your specific needs.

Efficient Employee Management

Easily manage employee details, from part-timers to full-timers across different locations. Our system simplifies timesheets, holiday pay, sick leave, and more, making employee management a hassle-free process.

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Running a franchise keeps you on the move. Our cloud-based solution ensures that you can access your payroll information securely, whether you're on-site, at home, or on the road.
Cafe franchise owner using Crystal Payroll while standing proudly in front of her store

Need more reasons to love Crystal Payroll?


Compliance Made Easy

Stay on top of regulatory requirements with ease. Our system is continuously updated to align with New Zealand’s complex tax and payroll laws, ensuring you’re always compliant without the hassle.

Local, On-the-Ground Support

Got questions? Our New Zealand-based support team is here to help. We offer personalized, friendly assistance whenever you need it, keeping things running smoothly.

Cost-Effective, Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality payroll services at cost-effective prices, understanding the budget considerations of franchises. With Crystal Payroll, there are no hidden fees – just clear, straightforward pricing.

Real-Time Updates and Reporting

Stay informed with real-time payroll processing and comprehensive reporting. Make informed decisions with up-to-date, accurate financial insights at your fingertips.

We’ve also designed two franchise specific reports that give important overviews across many stores:

  • Franchise Report on Leave for all companies.
  • Franchise Report on Employee Details for all companies.

Case StudiesDon't Just Hear From Us

Real Stories, Real Success: Pizza Hut and Hell Pizza franchisees love Crystal Payroll.

Learn from the experiences of Pizza Hut and Hell Pizza franchise owners who have shared their ‘slice of success,’ revealing how Crystal Payroll helped to streamline their payroll processes

Pizza Hut Browns Bay & Windsor Park

Pizza Hut is famous for creating delicious pizzas at speed – every ingredient counts. Even, dare we say it, the payroll system.

Hell Pizza Cuba Street

At Hell Pizza Cuba Street, they’ve discovered an ingredient that’s crucial for their recipe of success – the right payroll system.

Cheers to Clear Payroll From Super Liquor Franchise

Raising the bar in payroll management, Super Liquor’s support office has crafted a master blend with Crystal Payroll, ensuring every franchisee enjoys a seamless, compliant payroll experience. Read about how this partnership is serving up success across their franchise network.

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