Hibiscus Medical Centre started as a small practice 30 years ago, with just two doctors, accommodating the holiday crowds of summer and generally experiencing quiet winters.

In 30 years the area has changed considerably with new motorways from Auckland and more residential settlements. So when Lorraine joined the team 22 years ago, one of the first tasks she was delegated to facilitate the transition from their existing manual payroll system to a (Mac-based) software payroll programme that could handle the growing business.

Lorraine now describes the centres main clientele as family groups who live permanently in the area. “We now have seven doctors and a total of 13 staff, so we found we had less and less time on our hands to cope with a manual payroll system.”

Lorraine compared several payroll solutions, though found there was only one solution that provided online hosting in addition to several other key features. The online aspect of Crystal Payroll was a major drawing card, as it allowed access from anywhere, anytime, meaning she wasn’t tied to her work computer.

She also felt confident that the Crystal Payroll software would ensure the right amount of money was paid for annual leave, sick leave and holidays. “Working all that out before was so time consuming, with Crystal Payroll it’s easy because it’s all there – were can be sure we don’t miss anything.”

As with any new software programme, it takes time to become familiar with the process before it becomes second nature. And when asked what she would recommend to others who are thinking of moving from a manual system to Crystal Payroll? – “My answer is definitely go for it -Yes!”

Lorraine has been using Crystal Payroll since October 2006.