Focus Labour Solution Case StudyWhy Crystal Payroll is the pick of the crop.

Craig Mill and Barbara Mortensen have been helping South Island businesses solve their labour demands ever since they formed Focus Labour Solutions Ltd in Blenheim in 2008.

Testimony from Focus Labour Solution
Got horticultural crews? See how Crystal Payroll helps Focus Labour Solutions.

While they initially began to service the Marlborough viticultural industry, their client base has expanded to include horticulture labour hire, factory labour and a wide range of general labour hire – right down to bird scaring and pest control.

They hold an RSE status and bring in staff from the Pacific Islands when there are local labour shortages and they pride themselves on their training and fair and welcoming treatment of staff.

With some 16 permanent staff and up to 120 casual staff in peak times managing the payroll used to be complex and time-consuming.

Barbara Mortensen explains:

We have RSE staff from Vanuatu, Kiribati and Tuvalu and Kiwi staff and we also employ backpackers, so there’s a lot of record-keeping and you need good systems to make sure you keep on top of things and that’s where Crystal Payroll is good – particularly on piece rates.

It’s in those complex piece rates and paid break calculations that Crystal Payroll really excels.  Performing the calculations clearly and simply, ensuring everyone is getting paid fairly and correctly.

Craig sees the benefit very clearly.  “Since we adopted Crystal Payroll, our administration has really cut right down, saving us a lot of hours and we’ve been able to work on our business a lot more instead of processing data.”

Moving to the cloud.

Like for many businesses there was a little trepidation when they moved from their old desktop system to Crystal Payroll’s cloud-based system, but those nerves soon disappeared.

The cloud based system is fantastic, we can cover a worker anytime, anywhere with anyone.  If somebody’s down our system keeps on going because it’s all cloud-based.

Says Craig.

For Barbara, it’s not just about making sure everyone is get paid correctly on time for the hard work they are doing, it about their reputation which they’ve worked so hard to build.

Crystal Payroll listen to us and try to develop solutions for our business – even in the Covid outbreak they developed a button that would correctly calculate Covid payments which was a great help.

Craig says they never compromise on their standards or systems and with Crystal Payroll now supporting their back-office operations, that promise looks truer than ever.

So clear and so transparent,
you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to Crystal Payroll earlier.
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