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Crystal Payroll’s flexibility makes our platform the perfect choice for the healthcare industry. We can handle many requirements, including irregular working patterns, shift hours, timesheets and leave management, and simplify even the most complex allowances.

In a fast-paced environment, we make sure your payroll is accurate.
For an efficient and reliable healthcare payroll system, choose Crystal Payroll.

Why Choose Crystal Payroll for Healthcare?

One significant advantage of Crystal Payroll is our seamless integration with the AlayaCare time management system. Through this healthcare payroll system, we can automate disbursing salaries, minimising the risk of human errors. This reliability is especially crucial for healthcare industries with complex payroll requirements, healthcare-specific regulations, and staff with varying roles, shifts, and certifications.

The healthcare sector operates around the clock. With Crystal Payroll, we can help you automate processes that yield precise payroll calculations so you can have more time to focus on strategic tasks. Here are more reasons why we’re great for Healthcare:

We can handle irregular working pattern calculations with ease

Shift hours and pay categories are not a problem!

We make complex allowances, such as travel times for different pay groups, so easy!

We offer a simple and efficient timesheet and leave management add-on

We integrate seamlessly with AlayaCare

Choose Crystal Payroll for seamless efficiency & precision

Crystal Payroll integrates with many different types of software, including but not limited to accounting, banking, HR, and time management software. Most noticeably, we integrate with AlayaCare, an end-to-end software solution that supports the healthcare sector. This makes internal processes easier, convenient, and efficient.

Crystal Payroll for Healthcare can...


Your organisation from potentially hefty penalties


Your workers’ rights and entitlements


your time and free yourself from worry

Tailored for your purpose

Crystal payroll for Healthcare includes all the features you will need to make your payroll processing simple, accurate and compliant.

These are all calculated automatically and in accordance with current NZ government legislation and IRD rules.

Handles irregular working patterns
Shift hours
Holiday pay accruals & entitlements
Sick leave
Student loan deductions
PayDay filing
Child support
Withholding tax
Overtime pay
Variance allowances and deductions
Final pay calculations

Try Our Retail Payroll System Today

Our retail payroll system is designed to navigate the dynamic and demanding environment of the retail industry. From managing irregular working hours and calculating average daily pay to seamless integrations with time management software, our payroll solution streamlines the payroll process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. With Crystal Payroll, you can focus more on your customers and less on payroll administration. Get in touch today.

If you're not in the healthcare industry, don’t worry.

We Strive to Cater to All Industries

Crystal Payroll offers versatility like no other. We designed payroll software with industry-specific features that you can customise to suit numerous industries. Even if your industry isn’t listed, we can help you discover solutions that meet your needs.

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